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The Box – Stand up Comedy

What do you do when you’re called last minute and asked if you’d like to join a line-up of some of Joburg’s top comics – hosted by one of the COUNTRY’S top comics…? Why. You say YES. And then you … Continue reading

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Why is Comedy such a male dominated industry?

As a girl comic, People ask me this question a lot. “Why is comedy such a male dominated industry?” I tell them that they are wrong and that females have replaced males by and large. After me explaining the modern … Continue reading

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Our First Time

Talking about my first time with two guys. (Right. That opening sentence should secure the hits from porn website browsers) But, contrary to popular leaked internet videos, we’re not talking about THAT first time… our COMEDY first time. (Which had … Continue reading

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Rocked, Rolled (and smoked) those Daisies.

Things I learnt at the Daisies 2011: A bottle of apple juice in a campsite is probably pee. A dam that sits in the sun all day is not┬ánecessarily going to be warm. Black people can get sunburnt too, and … Continue reading

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Rocking the Daisies 2011

Springtime means so many wonderful things. Sunshine… short skirts… mating season. It represents the new beginnings that we have all been longing for through the wet, windy winter and it also marks the start of FESTIVAL SEASON. (Which pretty much … Continue reading

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