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Wild Wild West Coast

Whenever you eat shellfish in South African restaurants, the menu says it comes from Saldanha. I’ve always wanted to go to this magical place up West Coast, the birthplace of yumness, and eat cheap sea-food. So, this past weekend – to mark our 2 year anniversary – my boyfriend and I ventured the hour and half drive out of the city.

After some research and phoning around, I’d found out that the oyster factory no longer sells direct to the public, but you can buy from Charlie’s Fish Shop in Suldahna for R7.60 each. We stopped by and picked up the cheapest dozen we’d ever got and headed on to the accommodation I’d randomly found via Booking.com to eat oysters and drink wine  (that we’d bought in Cape Town before leaving the city) on their terrace.


Our oysters and wine


The charming terrace surrounds


We stayed in Jacob’s Bay – A place I’d never heard of but I liked the look of the guesthouse, Klokkiebosch. It’s a tiny village between Suldahna and Paternoster. 20 mins each way. The whole of Jacob’s Bay has white washed houses, with blue details and gravel roads – so It reminds you of Greece or Italy (or what photos of Greece or coastal Italy make me think it’s like).

klokkie bosch 12550-10.jpg.800x470_q90_upscale

Klokkie bosch terrace


Our guesthouse from the road.


It’s the most sleepy, idyllic place and I’d love to disappear there for at least a week,  just to read, breathe and relax. Our guesthouse was Klokkiebosch and it was just charming.

We headed into Paternoster for Rugby (SA beat Scotland, yay) and Paternoster is an equally idyllic (if somewhat more established) fishing town. Complete with white washed buildings and a long stretch of soft sand beach. Food in Paternoster was not as cheap as I’d dreamed, but fancier. Turns out it’s quite a fine-dining hub and all the main restaurants were fully booked. The Noisy Oyster and The Gaaitjie. We found a table at the cozy Square Spoon and had Snoek, Prawns and seafood curry with coconut rice. All very yum.

The view from our table at Gaatijie

The view from our table at Gaatijie

The following morning we returned to Paternoster for lunch where we managed to get a table at Gaatjie. I’d recommend Gaatijie for lunch and the Noisy Oyster for dinner if you’re doing the foodie thing, because Gaatjie is RIGHT on the beach so the views would be wasted at night. (Again, I felt like i was eating in Greece – or heaven.) It’s fine dining at it’s best and the presentation and flavours were sublime. But it still has the natural laid back environment of a small beach town.

Complmentary bread with pickled tomatoes and olive & anchovy tapenade.

Complimentary bread with pickled tomatoes and olive & anchovy tapenade.


Panfried Kabeljou

Panfried Kabeljou


Lamb shoulder with pea and mint puree




my strandloper


misty whitewashed village


A very memorable anniversary lunch was followed by a stroll on the misty beach before the scenic drive back to Cape Town to catch more rugby (Argentina beat Tonga!) Good food and good results all weekend.

*high five*


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Help Me to Think Thai…

As you may or may not know… Simply Asia have awarded me a trip to Thailand (as a result of a ‘banquet-off‘ against 3 other blogger types.)

This is amazing news. And I thank all of you for your support throughout this. Of course, no one is happier than Boeta the Buddha as he finally gets to visit his home.

I will also be taking my roommate, Siv Ngesi.

Family Photo - Angel, Siv and Boeta

Now comes the fun part: PLANNING!

Simply Asia have been Simply Awesome, and instructed me to give them a ‘wish list’ of things that we want to do, and they are going to try and make all of that happen!

Now, I’ve lived in Phuket. I’ve visited Thailand as a tourist 3 times, but there is still PLENTY that I have not seen, and do not know about this glittering palace of a country.

This is where you come in.

I’d love for people to give me advice as to where they’d go if they could, what they’d do, or where you’ve gone and what you’ve done.

Koh Phi Phi... Phi-fection

So far, we’ve decided to go over the New Year’s period as that’s a good time to take a break from our comedy/acting carreers. So I’ve kind of thought that it’d be awesome to have New Years on Koh Phi Phi, as it’s my favourite place in Thailand, and Siv hasn’t been there yet. It’s also less manic than Koh Phangnang would be – I can’t fathom that beach party, and I’m 10 years too old to even consider it.

Bangkok river

We will be ending the trip with a few days in Bangkok – to visit temples, and the river rides as well as shopping (Hence it being the last destination, as we need to carry our loot home).

I’d like to visit Chiang Mai, as I never visited that area, however I’m not sure what’s good in that area – so any advice would be appreciated in this regard. (I’ve heard something about canopy tours aka ‘The flight of the gibbon’ in the jungle near Chiang Mai, I found them on google, but I don’t trust the marketing hype… anyone know about these?)

Flight of the Gibbon

Lonely Planet says this of Chiang Mai (which makes me very excited)

If Chiang Mai were a person, it would be Bob Dylan. With a history dating back further than anyone can remember, its influence remains enormous. And despite its great age, there’s still a bohemian chic that makes it as relevant and hip as ever. Culture capital of Thailand, Chiang Mai was once the heart of the Lanna kingdom. Today those wanting to flee the bustle of Bangkok visit to lounge in coffee shops and drink in the city’s artisanal atmosphere. With a friendly, cosmopolitan feel, this is one easy, safe and pleasant place to explore. There are dozens of well-preserved temples here, too. Many new ecotours and adventure trips are appearing, and with a choice of river rafting, elephant rides, trekking and off-road cycling, even the biggest adrenaline junkie will be sated. Read more

I like Bob Dylan. Enough Said.

I’ve also found the amazing Khao Sok National Park… with huge lakes, rivers, tree house accomodation OR floating luxury tents…. SAY WHAAAT!?

Khao Sok ... AMAZING.

Any Info about the above would be great.

Now it’s over to you, dear internet. Hit me with your wisdom.


*thai five*

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Travel on a Budget

Winter, the old hag, is starting to rear her ugly head here in South Africa. This makes us dream of vacation getaways to luxurious, warm places like Thailand, Mauritius or even the fireplace on granny’s farm (no need to dream too big).

Travelling is a luxury afforded to those who can afford it (that’s probably where the word afford was invented. Well, either then or when the first American car was mass-produced. Some lady said, “Ooh Henry, what is that?” “It’s a Ford”).

In my previous article about credit we learnt that credit is essentially debt, and the only way to stay out of debt is never to go into credit. It’s confusing. But that’s where moneysmart helps iron it all out with budgets. Just stay within your budget and you won’t get into debt, right? Easy to say. Not so easy to do. Especially when you see pina coladas and walks in the rain on exotic islands in your future….

read more on moneysmart.co.za

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