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Comedian Peter Sserwanga on Apathy and Outrage

Many of you may follow @solidgame on twitter. Peter Sserwanga with the most commonly misspelled surname in the industry. We just call him Swagger. It’s easier to pronounce. (He may mislead you to think he possesses it, what with his solid GAME handle and the fact that he runs one of the most successful Model data bases in the country. He can make you famous – honey. Not you Jessica, you did that on your own. Sit down.)

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Olympics True Heroes

Well, this random high five of awesome goes to P&G for their #ThankYouMama campaign around the 2012 Olympics. Their theory is to honour all moms because they are the first hero most children have.

If you’re one of those people who cries when the contestant makes it through on Pop Idols and runs to hug their families, then I can’t WAIT for you to watch this YouTube. I cried. Proper cry.

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