Help Me to Think Thai…

As you may or may not know… Simply Asia have awarded me a trip to Thailand (as a result of a ‘banquet-off‘ against 3 other blogger types.)

This is amazing news. And I thank all of you for your support throughout this. Of course, no one is happier than Boeta the Buddha as he finally gets to visit his home.

I will also be taking my roommate, Siv Ngesi.

Family Photo - Angel, Siv and Boeta

Now comes the fun part: PLANNING!

Simply Asia have been Simply Awesome, and instructed me to give them a ‘wish list’ of things that we want to do, and they are going to try and make all of that happen!

Now, I’ve lived in Phuket. I’ve visited Thailand as a tourist 3 times, but there is still PLENTY that I have not seen, and do not know about this glittering palace of a country.

This is where you come in.

I’d love for people to give me advice as to where they’d go if they could, what they’d do, or where you’ve gone and what you’ve done.

Koh Phi Phi... Phi-fection

So far, we’ve decided to go over the New Year’s period as that’s a good time to take a break from our comedy/acting carreers. So I’ve kind of thought that it’d be awesome to have New Years on Koh Phi Phi, as it’s my favourite place in Thailand, and Siv hasn’t been there yet. It’s also less manic than Koh Phangnang would be – I can’t fathom that beach party, and I’m 10 years too old to even consider it.

Bangkok river

We will be ending the trip with a few days in Bangkok – to visit temples, and the river rides as well as shopping (Hence it being the last destination, as we need to carry our loot home).

I’d like to visit Chiang Mai, as I never visited that area, however I’m not sure what’s good in that area – so any advice would be appreciated in this regard. (I’ve heard something about canopy tours aka ‘The flight of the gibbon’ in the jungle near Chiang Mai, I found them on google, but I don’t trust the marketing hype… anyone know about these?)

Flight of the Gibbon

Lonely Planet says this of Chiang Mai (which makes me very excited)

If Chiang Mai were a person, it would be Bob Dylan. With a history dating back further than anyone can remember, its influence remains enormous. And despite its great age, there’s still a bohemian chic that makes it as relevant and hip as ever. Culture capital of Thailand, Chiang Mai was once the heart of the Lanna kingdom. Today those wanting to flee the bustle of Bangkok visit to lounge in coffee shops and drink in the city’s artisanal atmosphere. With a friendly, cosmopolitan feel, this is one easy, safe and pleasant place to explore. There are dozens of well-preserved temples here, too. Many new ecotours and adventure trips are appearing, and with a choice of river rafting, elephant rides, trekking and off-road cycling, even the biggest adrenaline junkie will be sated. Read more

I like Bob Dylan. Enough Said.

I’ve also found the amazing Khao Sok National Park… with huge lakes, rivers, tree house accomodation OR floating luxury tents…. SAY WHAAAT!?

Khao Sok ... AMAZING.

Any Info about the above would be great.

Now it’s over to you, dear internet. Hit me with your wisdom.


*thai five*

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