The Greatest Holiday Ever.

As you know by now, I’m Thinking Thai and throwing a Thai Banquet with Simply Asia. They are giving away a trip to Thailand to the best banquet, AND they are giving away a trip to Thailand to someone who simply enters when they eat a main meal in their stores.

A TRIP TO THAILAND!?  How freaking awesome would that be?

The national sport in Thailand is Muay Thai and it’s what I lived in Thailand amongst the Thais in Phuket to do. It’s my most solid Think Thai memory, so will be the primary theme of my banquet.

"My Muay Thai Family of Trainers and fellow fighters at Suwit Muay Thai in Phuket - heard about Simply Asia's challenge and sent this photo to show they Think Thai too! (obviously) *how cute are they*!?"

When we first got this challenge, Siv and I sat – reminiscing over photos and stories of our times in Thailand and tried to extract elements from each moment that encapsulates why WE loved Thailand. We wanted the banquet to have every thing about Thailand that makes it ‘the greatest holiday ever’.

The Monks, Full Moon parties, Buckets of cocktails, Thai massage, Poi Fire, lanterns, Muay Thai, smiles & laughter, buddhas, ping pong, Singha beer, beaches, noodles, crazy foreign back-packers, tuk-tuks, scooters, flowers and freedom.

We have managed to represent most of these things in our planning for the ‘New Moon Party in Cape Phangnan’ which will be held next Monday, the 21st May (which happens to be a real New Moon… coincidence? I think not!)

To get ourselves (and you) into the Think Thai holiday idea – we compiled those photos from our BEST travel moments in Thailand. I’ve even had my nose broken in a muay thai fight. It remains one of the greatest 24hrs memories of my LIFE!

Me with my newly broken nose, an empty Sang-Som bucket on my head and sand between my toes as i danced the night away... I had pain the next day. In every capacity.

All these photos and memories got me curious about YOUR best travel moments. It doesn’t have to be Thailand – Just share images of yourself that bring you joy. Share your favourite travel photo with me to create a montage of memories of freedom and happiness all over the world… (like a Thailand holiday would be). Thailand is full of travellers from all over.

I get all *happy heart* at sharing of humanity on my blog. Check out this  high five explosion at Pisa, or the Joyful Matt around the world (here). So I thought it’d be a great idea to compile your favourite travel photos into a blog post too.

Send me your Favourite Holiday memory photo:

Get reminiscing, and remembering happier times. Your holiday could be as simple as a camping trip out of town – or all the way to Asia. It’s YOUR memory. Your call. So share it with me on twitter @yesreallyangel or email and dream of creating new memories on a holiday in Thailand like we are.


Just because Simply Asia are rad, they’ve given me vouchers for you. I’ll give 5 photo entrants R100 Simply Asia vouchers so you can Think Thai and  enter to win a trip to Thailand and make MORE epic travel photo memories there.

*Thai High Five*


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