Think Thai – Eat Thai

If you’ve met me or seen my blog in the last few months then you’d know that Simply Asia have enlisted me (and 3 other bloggers) to compete in their #ThinkThai challenge.

We had to throw a Thailand themed dinner party. The best party wins A TRIP FOR TWO TO THAILAND!

Being single (aka: Awesome) I don’t have a hard and fast plus one. (oh there’s a dirty pun in there… but I shall strap on my lady-shoes and skip past it…)

My room-mate, Siv Ngesi helped me throw THE most EPIC Thai Dinner: “New Moon Party in Cape Phangnang” at the Dragon Room in Cape Town. He has thus earned himself the much sought after, extra ticket to Thailand.

However… Siv is scared of spicy food. So I dared, nay CHALLENGED him – to eat like a Thai. SPICY.

Then he REALLY proves that he can #ThinkThai….

Here is that Video.

You can also win a trip for 2 to Thailand (and challenge your friends to exciting things… tee hee)

*Think Thai*


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