#ThinkThai – My New Moon Party in Cape Phangnang

This was honestly one of the most fun nights I’ve had in a very long time. Thank you to Simply Asia for giving us the funding to throw Thee most epic Thailand themed night I could have imagined. (Of course, remember this is a contest to see which banquet wins a trip for 2 to Thailand. And you can win a trip too click here)

Surrounded by great company, delicious food, laughter, singha beer, buckets of Thai inspired cocktails and of course, Muay Thai abs… oiled up – it was the recipe for success.

Shout out to my amazing comedian friends who volunteered their time to be ‘traditional Thai monks’ and waiters: Gino Fernandez, Brendan Murray & Zee Fakier. Lead by head monk, Siv Ngesi. They brought us our 3 course meal which included starters of chicken satay, with peanut sauce (104), duck, vegetable and chicken spring rolls and sweet corn cakes all served with sweet plum and sweet chilli sauces (113)

Mains was a selection of: roast duck in flavoured soya sauce (261), a noodle dish with chicken, cashew nuts, spring onion, peppers onions, fried garlic and Simply Asia’s famous roasted chilli paste (514), Prawn Phad Thai  (602) and exotic yellow noodles (524)

Dessert was ‘Thai Angel’ (of course) – crispy triangles filled with rich melted chocolate and finely chopped cashew nuts (911) – All cooked in a ‘live theatre kitchen’ to the side of the dance floor – visible to the guests, by Simply Asia’s best chefs. (Only the best for the best).

We had a Muay Thai demonstration by some Champion fighters from Dragon Power Muay Thai gym, Traditional Thai dancers and massage girls. Not quite so traditional, Ping pong – in the form of beer pong and even an authentic Thai Tuk Tuk out front.

The rest speaks for itself in photos. (Which we were having too much fun to take for half the evening, we clean forgot to document everything…!)

But those we did get are thanks to my 2oceansvibe radio co-host, Kamini Pather and the official Simply Asia photographers:

I have been craving Simply Asia every day since then! Definitely a successful #ThinkThai campaign. Boeta the Buddha loved it too – of course.

Check out the Simply Asia blog here for the other 3 banquets from Bangers and Nash, Robyn Hobson and Mike Sharman.

*Thai High Five*

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