Win with Simply Asia’s #SweetDeal

As you should know by now, I love Thailand. All things Thailand. Especially the food.

Simply Asia sent me to Thailand last year as the winner of their #ThinkThai Blogger competition – and I took my effervescent flat-mate, Siv Ngesi with me (and our Buddah, Boeta**.)

The night of our winning #ThinkThai banquet

Siv and I had one rule on the trip: Only eating Thai food. Breakfast, lunch and dinner. We were there for 3 weeks and we NEVER got sick of it. I would look forward to every meal time – because then I’d get to sample yet another magnificent Thai blend of Sweet, Sour, Salty and Spicy.

Siv in heaven. Mango juice, and Thai Food on Koh Phi Phi Island.
We even did a Thai Cooking Course in Chiang Mai.

I speak a lot with my tongue in my cheek, as a comedian. But one thing I will NEVER do is endorse a brand I don’t believe in. Like American presidents – “I cannot tell a lie”. (Ok, WORST analogy EVER.)

Even on stage, whilst making jokes – there’s more honesty than you might like to acknowledge in every thing I say. It’s for this reason, that I know – you know that I know you know that you can help me to help you and just believe me and keep calm and eat Simply Asia! I mean it.

I eat Simply Asia so much it’s actually embarrassing. I’ve gotten my whole family addicted – When my mother visits from out of town, it’s the ONLY place she wants to eat at too (She’s gluten intolerant and they have all sorts of menu options for those fussy eater types).  But, the positive about eating Thai food is that it’s made with fresh vegetables and far healthier than other ‘fast foods’ so… my lack of guilt out-weighs my embarrassment.

With this ‘back-story’ you’d understand that I was suitably pleased when Simply Asia asked me to help them spread the word about their #SweetDeal. It’s their 10th Birthday celebration and they have brought out  TEN NEW TASTES  to the menu. Ten new Thai flavour combinations to play with in my mouth. There’s even a new duck dish (my opulent indulgence) AND new desserts.

They have given me a bunch of vouchers to try out the dishes myself… Score. Free Food. But (here’s where you get excited) *cue Oprah Voice* THEY HAVE GIVEN ME A BUNCH OF R100 VOUCHERS TO GIVE TO YOU FINE FOLK OVER THE NEXT MONTH TOO!!! FREE FOOD!!!!



Of course, there’s a little entering mechanism – go here, choose your favourite dish – and then tweet me about it like this :

“Hey @YesReallyAngel I really like you and I think you’re funny and @SimplyAsia_SA is so great and Yum… funny I should say YUM, because ‘tom-YUM Mung bean noodles’ is the dish I most like the look of!! What a #SweetDeal. I’m so funny with that ‘Yum/Tom-Yum’ wordplay, hey. Watch your back Angel, your comedy career is in jeopardy!”

Ok – so that’s probably too many characters for twitter. So something like “Hey @YesreallyAngel my favourite of the 10 new @SimplyAsia_SA’s #SweetDeal is ‘something something wink wink’ dish” will suffice too. *

And voila (which is French, not Thai)… then you’ve entered and it could be YOUR tummy and tastebuds thanking me. *Remember to include @SimplyAsia_SA @YesReallyAngel (So I know it’s my competition) AND the hashtag #SweetDeal. Sweet? Deal!

I’m basically spoon feeding you this. Shall I use chopsticks instead?

(If you don’t have twitter -gasp- then go here and write it on my FB wall.)

Keep an eye out I’ll be posting more fun things inspired by the #sweetdeal campaign. And click here to see more Simply Asia. (Seriously, click there. The brand website is too cool.)

*Thai high Five*

** In case you’re wondering if Boeta the Buddah ever did reunite with his Thai family of buddahs: Here’s a picture of me, reuniting him with his granny – at the foot of a temple hike in Krabi. (We left him next to the Zebra – bottom left – so that he wouldn’t miss Africa too much)

We returned the next day to check on Boeta – and I swear, his smile was bigger :)

Read more about Boeta the Buddah’s (extensive) travels here.

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  1. Kim Baxen (Twitter: @Kimb_leigh) says:

    Looks like you guys had a ball … Thailand is still on my to do list … for now relishing all Simply Asia’s delicious Thai dishes is as close as I will get … entered :-) and sending a *Thai High Five* hoping I score lol ;-)

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