Winter Blues? Get PINK.

So it’s that time of year, Capetonians have all taken up jogging again. Not to get their abs and butts ready for the Clifton catwalk, but to get out of the rain. Jogging from their cars to their offices to escape the winter misery of rain. Ah, for the next three months we are forced indoors and repeat the mantra that ‘We love Cape Town’ over and over again. (lest we forget, when looking out the window at the lack of blue sky and horizontal rain drops)

But, shiny happy people. I ask you to revel in the knowledge that something warm and luxurious has arrived from the islands.

Something that you can drink. Oh yes, I have your attention now.

Step away from your mundane desk in your mind, and allow me to paint you a scene. Picture, in your mind – if you will – an island. You are on that island. Picture the peacock colour of the water, shimmering, shifting tones of blue rolling infinitely out to meet a horizontal strip of blue sky. Throw some picturesque cumulonimbus clouds into that sky. Big fluffy, white, friendly ones. Look above you – there’s a palm tree (of course there is) it’s casting fronds of shade over your toned, tanned, sunbaked body. Look at your feet. They are digging into the softest, baby-powder like sand, with every wiggle the office and the stress of winter skies melts away, feel it between your toes. Listen to the gentle lap of the waves and the cooing of pigeons in the trees nearby. Lick the salty-air off your lips. Now, one more detail is needed to perfect any island fantasy. A cocktail. Picture a cocktail in your hand. What colour is that cocktail? My made up statistics say that 99% of beach cocktail drinks visualised in hypothetical situations are pink. Of course they are. Blue skies, Pink drinks. It’s logical. It makes sense. Just go with it. It’s rum. You like that. It tastes of vanilla and spices. You like that even more.

Peace, Freedom and Harmony.

Now, back to reality, you’re still at your desk. You’re still just reading this. But what if I were to tell you that the wonderful people of Mauritius have managed to bottle all of that for you. And they made it pink. It’d make me very happy if someone told me that. Which is what happened, because they did. And that’s what I’m saying to you – because it’s true. It’s called Pink Pigeon Rum. Made and bottled in Mauritius. And it’s about to do great things in South Africa. Winter just got a whole lot warmer

In slick stylish packaging, with the words Peace, Freedom & Harmony on a pink ring around the neck – what’s not to love? If “what the bleep do we know” taught me anything, it’s that writing positive words on liquid can change the liquid to beautiful, positive crystals. (If you have no idea what I’m talking about – click here) So, not only will it taste like the islands, but you will be ingesting the concepts of Peace Freedom and Harmony with every sip. Now that’s something ALL of South Africa can do with more of. Can we maybe spike Malema’s water jug? Perhaps then he’ll stop with his current top 10 singing faves and start humming John Lennon’s Harmonius hits…*wink*… Just Imagine.

I’m excited to get pink and fluffy…

*that’s what she said! High-pink&fluffy-flinging-flanging-five!*

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